How to generate the Authentication Token in the App Settings?

The Authentication Token is the combination of a username and password of your SAP Technical User.

The SAP Technical User is the user performing all background activities, such as creating, displaying or releasing a transport.

We strongly recommend you assign this user only the minimum authorizations required to run the app.


Here is how to generate the token:

  1. Make note of the username and password of the user.

  2. Encode username:password with any Base64 tool or follow steps 3-4-5 if you don't know how.

  3. Navigate to and click "Start".

  4. Enter the credentials and add a ":" separator between them (e.g. sapusername:sappassword).

  5. Click "Copy to Clipboard".

  6. Go to your Zendesk instance and navigate to Admin / Apps / Manage.

  7. Change Settings for the App and paste the value into the "Authentication Token" field".

  8. Save the settings.


XBPMN Base64 Encode

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